Jenny celebrates her 20th year of guitar playing!

Starting on the ukelele at age 4, Jenny’s love affair with the guitar began when her father handed her a 3/4-sized acoustic guitar at age 9. 2014 marks the 20th year of her guitar playing (before ya get ya calculators out, she’s 29). Congrats Jenny!

jen tanks 3Although mostly self-taught, in those 20 years Jenny picked up guitar tips from her cousin Geoff Eggins, lessons from Antony Mutch and Amanda Corkery, and came first in Advanced Blues Guitar at Macquaire University with teacher Chris Komorowski. Nigel Walters from the Wheeze & Suck Band introduced her to alternate tunings and the wonders of folk music. jennybiddle

Her inspirations include John Mayer’s melody, delivery and musicality, Silverchair’s alternate tunings, Josh Cunningham’s (The Waifs) energy and articulation, and the way Ian Moss (Cold Chisel) makes a guitar TALK.

After 20 years you can see the love affair stronger than ever, as she wraps herself around a self-made guitar.



Photo by Andrew Ray.

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