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REP 201 - Cardboard Sleeve

This brand new 3-track highlights Jenny’s new gentle and poignant new single “Tailwind”. This comparatively mellow release, contains two acoustic versions of original songs that will feature on Jenny’s 6th album which is set to be released late 2017/2018.

The CD also includes a lullaby, a moving bonus track from Jenny composed for TENDER, an intently poignant short film by Rebecca Greensill (Flying Man Films) acknowledging PTSD and the heart-wrenching issues among soldiers. The talented film maker also wrote and directed Jenny’s contrastingly comedic music video Hero in Me. The film comes out online soon.


  • Years & Years (Acoustic)tenderfilm
  • Tailwind (Acoustic)
  • Lullaby (for TENDER the Film)

Buy your copy limited edition now for just $10. BUY NOW

The 3-track is available on this website and at Jenny’s live performances only. All funds from this release go towards funding the full album. Your support for independent musicians is greatly appreciated!


All tracks written & performed by Jenny Biddle.
Violin on Track 3 by Vanessa Tammetta
Tracks 1 & 2 recorded & mixed by Sean Carey at Church St Studios,Sydney, 2016
Track 3 recorded & mixed by Sean Carey at Trackdown Studios Fox Studios, Sydney, 2014.
Mastered by dB Mastering.

“EVERY RELEASE” USBs available now!

Introducing USBs, the flashy new way to enjoy music from independent artists like Jenny. These USBs contain EVERY RELEASE from Jenny Biddle. The business-card-like USBs connect to your computer. Transfer the 74 tracks, plus lyrics and Hero in Me video clip.

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Blog: A Teacher once said I had no future in music

Hi music lovers and creators

Has someone you respected ever told you art wasn’t your thing? Or that you’ll never make the hockey team? All too often I hear people tell me they can’t sing and that someone told them that long ago.


I’ve just been sifting through old journals (not sure if that is wise, unwise, or just plain narcissistic). I am going to share with you an except (that sounds a bit formal) from when I was just 16. I had completely (conveniently) blotted it from my memory… but perhaps this event was a blessing in disguise?

Albeit there is swearing, vengeful teenage melodrama, “poor me”, throughout the snippet, and I may have deleted the words “fat faggot” (Ms Foster wasn’t overweight nor was she a pile of sticks…I’m sorry 🙁 ), but I suppose everything is egotistical and AMPLIFIED during adolescence.

Take a read. Has anything similar happened to you?



The moral of the story kids?

  • Ms Foster was wrong
  • Teachers have the power to make or break a kid’s dreams
  • There is abundance in this world. You can’t please everyone and the wide world of differences, diversity and tastes, but there will be people who get you.
  • Resilience and perseverance

Criticism is an interesting one. I’ve been trying to figure it out all my life.

Who’s right, who’s wrong? What do we take on board? What do we ignore?

Depending how it’s delivered, criticism can be someone’s brave and honest feedback, aimed to help and guide us. Other times it can reflect someone’s own insecurities/failures and their need to put others down to make themselves feel better. We have the choice as the receiver to take it… or leave it. We can let it break us, we can ignore it, or we can use it to help us change for the better. The strange in-between-zone is… what’s real, and who do we believe? Ourselves, our twisted egotistical interpretations, or the opinion of someone else?

In the case of Ms Foster, where she was coming from, and what would jenschoolmotivate her to so righteously crush a vulnerable teenager’s dreams? Was she hoping to inspire and encourage by stopping mid-song to say this song was just as dull as the last? Was my performance actually pretty shoddy (happens), and I was lost in my fantasy world thinking I was Bon Jovi? Do I actually suck and the rest of you have been lying all along? Did it actually have nothing to do with me… was Foster just a bitter unsuccessful musician who’d had someone tell her she’d never make it? Did she have a bad day at work? Or was she going through menopause and hadn’t had some in a while?

talentLater that year I went in the school talent quest, tying first place with the wonderful Tiffany Smith!

15 years and 5 albums later, Hi Ms Foster! Hope you’re well.

Criticism is an interesting one. Had I chosen to believe Foster, I would have had a very different life path. Fortunately I had a lot of teachers, friends and family who have been incredibly supportive along the way!

Tell me your stories. Has someone put your down? What were their intentions? How have you handled criticism? Thoughts?

BLOG (Part 3): A Year off Anti-depressants: Jenny Biddle Interviews Herself

Jenny Biddle Interviews Herself as she Celebrates a YEAR off Anti-Depressants.


Q: Hi Jenny it’s Jen here. Wow, it’s been a YEAR since you came off anti-depressants. Congratulations! How do you feel?

Thanks! Wow! Where did that year go? It feels like a monumental achievement to come off anti-depressants. I attempted to come off a couple years before, but perhaps the timing, circumstances and approach wasn’t right, the stars didn’t line up. Persisting through the challenges to finally get there makes it feel like a big achievement.

effexorWhat were you on? How long were you on anti-depressants?

Effexor. 75mg a day. Just over 4 years.


I know you wrote a couple of intricate blogs about the process of coming off. Can you recap?

I spent 6 months weaning down. I received different advice from doctors/pharmacists about the speed/rate of which one should wean off. Taking it too quickly the first time, I decided to take a lot longer to wean off the pills. You kind of just want to get off them ASAP when you’re experiencing side effects, but going too quick can have repercussions. I slowed it down, found my own pace to keep side effects to a minimum. In the last weeks I ended up splitting pills and counting microbeads, a little OCD I know, but I was listening to my body.

What helped you get through?

  • Daily support from friends, family, my partner
  • Reminder notes on the wall that everything would be ok, or call a friend when things got tough
  • Better diet & regular exercise (I know you don’t wanna hear that)
  • Vitamin B
  • Blogging, sharing stories with others and hearing theirs
  • Going easy on myself and allowing a little more TLC than usual, chocolate
  • Pick your battles
  • Keeping on going with work and normal life, being busy



What were the first weeks like after your last pill?

One might think once you’ve taken the last pill, that’s it, you’re done, success. But when you’re altering chemistry of the brain it can take a while for things to even out. Those weeks were challenging. I still had side effects: headaches, neck tension, nausea for a week or so, but the brain zaps lasted the next month or two, just these random crackles in the brain! It took a little while for my emotions to flatten out again.


I also had a big bout of anxiety for months after anti-depressants. This surprised me. I found myself afraid to hang out with friends I’d known for years, feeling anxious in my music career/performing, getting distressed in social situations, running out crying. There was a lot more crying. My psychologist said perhaps anxiety is actually the primary problem, with depression the secondary problem – and my doctor had gone ahead and prescribed treatment for depression alone. In my darkest times before anti-depressants I felt like I was on the edge of a cliff about to lose grip or jump off; anti-depressants seemed to push me back from the edge a bit. So I can at times feel a little too close to the edge. I’ve been surprised by the anxiety I have felt since coming off them, but things have evened out.


What helps reduce anxiety?

  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I’ve learned bits and pieces about psychology. We tend to avoid what scares us or makes us anxious and uncomfortable. Yet anxiety works in a way that when we avoid something we are anxious about, the fear grows bigger and gains more power over us. Fear serves to protect us, but in many cases our brains are on overdrive and get anxious about things that aren’t actually real threat. The best way to tackle them is to face them, and face them, and face them again, in increments, piece by piece when you can.
  • Understanding anxiety. I read a couple books about it. The Power of Now, Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies, Reasons to Stay Alive.
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Treat yourself when you’re brave


Mentally, how have you been off anti-depressants over the last year?

I’ve felt a normal portion of up and down: joy, excitement, pain, anger, sadness, loneliness, achievement, pride, anxiety, grief, helplessness, love, peace, struggletown, contentment, and everything in between. Life takes us on its rollercoaster. I recall a Silverchair lyric “I was hurting to feel something more than life”. We can strive for eternal happiness, but it’s not a realistic goal. I am happy, then sad, then happy again. I am learning to feel what a human is meant to feel.


Are there times you’ve considered going back on them or regret coming off?

Moving country has been one of the hardest things I’ve embarked on – in terms of feeling pretty isolated, being away from friends, family, support networks, routine, familiarity, starting all over again, navigating new place far from home, and the vulnerability of leaning on your partner. Someone suggest I go back on them. But I don’t believe that’s the answer for me. Perhaps I’m too stubborn. But I believe that I’m meant to feel hard feelings adjusting to a new world and way of life. A pill won’t solve it, or magically assign me new friends, or a new ego, while it might take the edge off the hardship.


You’ve had a lot of support along the way and people have shared personal heart-warming stories.

Yes. I’m very moved by people’s email, sharing stories. Initially I wasn’t sure whether to put the blog out there. But once I did I realised I’m not alone, we’re not alone, and so many people go through this seemingly secret battle of mental illness. Sharing stories binds us together and gives hope.

(Photo by Charlie Brown)

Photo by Charlie Brown

Last words?

Mental illness affects everyone differently. I think what works for one might not work for another. It’s about trying combination of methods: diet, exercise, new job, holiday, yoga, music, hobbies, friends, opening up, vitamins, therapy, avocadoes, knitting. Anti-depressants certainly help many people. They are the hands to catch you. But alone they won’t magically make everything better. It’s about finding what works for you.  We are not alone in mental illness 🙂 We do this together.


Thanks for reading and for your support.
Love to connect and hear your stories. Connect on Facebook or Email [email protected]


This is Part 3 of a three-part blog on Coming Off Anti-Depressants. To read other parts see links below:

Part 1: (November 2014) Coming Off Anti-Depressants
Part 2: (April 2015) Towards the Finish Line


Congrats: TENDER THE FILM premiering Washington DC ~ Music by Jenny Biddle

HUGE congrats to Flying Man Films, their short film has been accepted into the GI Films Festival, showing in Washington DC this May.

Australian Independent Film Maker, Rebecca Greensill and co-producer Jess Branch, have made a powerful, tear-jerking short film, starring Jake Speer and Philippa Northeast from Home & Away and Zac Drayson from Winter. Our very own Jenny Biddle has composed the hauntingly poignant music for this captivating film. Thank you for those who have been following the story and helped crowd fund the film. It premiers in Washington DC May 2016! Watch the trailer here!


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Just announced! JB has released LIMITED EDITION Jenny Biddle USBS.
Every release! 74 mp3s! Features iTunes hit single Hindsight, plus 5 Albums including the latest double album Live at Selby Folk Club. Plug n Play!

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Chest of Drawers 2009 (12 tracks)

Little Treasures 2012 (12 tracks)

Hero in Me 2013 (12 tracks)

Hindsight single 2013 (2 tracks)

Cover to Cover 2014 (12 tracks)

Live at Selby Folk Club 2015 (24 tracks)



Jenny’s fifth album of 24 tracks, includes new and old songs with stories and stutters.

Live At Selby Folk ClubHuddled in a folk club in the hills outside of Melbourne, fans gathered for the LIVE RECORDING for Jenny Biddle’s 5th Album. Recorded and mixed by 3MDR’s David Miller, experience her most candid album yet, from her intimate folk nuances to her guitar explosions and playful harmonica squawks, catch her quirky stories, poignant lyrics, crowd sing-alongs and endearing humour. Blues, country, folk, this is a DOUBLE ALBUM of some of Jenny’s most loved originals, featuring one disc of upbeat drive time tunes, and another with more her mellow tea-time tunes, including NEW and OLD songs never before recorded.

CD includes alternate guitar tunings for the guitar lovers!


CD comes with alternate tunings use for each song.


Songs written and performed by Jenny Biddle

Recorded LIVE at Selby Folk Club December 2014

Recorded & Mixed by David Miller

Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering

Graphics by Katrina Leighton