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Video by Raditya Fadilla
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Runners Up at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2011

This January, in boots, a flanny and cowboy hat, Jenny Biddle hit the Tamworth Country Music Festival for the first time.

Jenny joined the other 500 buskers that built up a storm on Peel St for the 9 days of the festival. In 35°C heat, Jenny set up her busking rig outside Jeans West on Peel St each day, and introduced her tunes to the hundreds and thousands that attended this year’s country music festival.

Out of 500 buskers from across the country, Jenny was selected in the top 10 to battle out the Busking Championships. Performing her award winning Chest of Drawers and a bluesy version of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, Jenny won Runners Up in the Tamworth Country Music Festival Busking Championships (non-country category). Queensland group The Twine won first place in the non-country category, and Shahnae Pakoti won the country category.

Jenny looks forward to performing at Tamworth in 2012.


Tamworth Country Music Festival

Photos by Peter Langston

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Jenny Biddle wins title of “Melbourne’s Best Busker”

Crowds gathered at Melbourne’s City Square on Thursday 7th October to search for “Melbourne’s Best Busker”. The Rotary Club of Melbourne Park in conjunction with the City of Melbourne put together a Street Change event to search for Melbourne’s Best Busker, and raise money for the leading homeless charities of Melbourne: The Lighthouse Foundation & HomeGround Services.

10 of Melbourne’s busking finalists battled it out, playing just ONE song each, hoping to raise the most money in their busking bucket. Amidst the top buskers was Daniel Shaw, a 12-yr-old pianist, the next Billy Joel, and Don Topley, a flutist who designed a one-handed flute to compensate for his nerve-damaged fingers, as well as our very own Jenny Biddle who performed her acoustic blues version of Billie Jean to a moonwalk jiggin’ crowd.

With the help of supportive fans, Jenny Biddle took home the title of “Melbourne’s Best Busker” as crowds went nuts with generosity. The prize included the “Melbourne’s Best Busker” trophy and $1000. Unfortunately Jenny didn’t get to keep the novelty sized cheque! Jenny intends to put the prize money towards the recording of her new album.

Congratulations to Daniel Shaw for scoring the runner up place for his tear-jerking deliverance of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

A big thankyou to all the people who donated and voted with their wallets. The support for Jenny Biddle as Melbourne’s Best Busker was awe-inspiring, and overall, Street Change raised more than $3000 for the homeless.

Photos by Raditya Fadilla.

Recording Diary: Newmarket Studios

I popped into the recording studio yesterday, and was incredibly inspired. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the studio (almost 2 years since the recording of Chest of Drawers), and I didn’t realise how much I missed it.

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We have launched our website!

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Blog: A homeless man, Robert Doyle, and the injury of 2WD Chunky Chunk the Challenger

A homeless man sat on The Purse outside Melbourne’s General Post Office, as he listened to me sing on the street. I smiled at him and continued to play guitar. After a while the man got up and put his spare change into my busking case, smiled and shuffled off into the stream of people, busy with their day.

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New Song: Big Bad World

When I was a young lass, one of my beautiful neighbours became my surrogate grandmother. I used to go over to her place to feed her chickens. We’d have tea and cookies (with about 4 sugars in my tea) and yarn the afternoon away. Sadly, in her final years she became quite senile, paranoid, and incredibly frightened of the world and its potential harm. She put up fences, walls and bars around her house, slowly closing herself in from the outside world, till she became a prisoner in her own home. Eventually she had a security camera installed on her front veranda and I used to have to ring the doorbell and smile sweetly into the camera before she let me enter her home. Read more

Blog: Busking on Peel St – Tamworth

Wow the Tamworth Country Music Festival is as amazing as the say it is. So much music, things to do, buskers, diversity, rodeo, food, music music music.
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Blog: Tamworth Country Music Festival

With my boots, flanny, cow-girl hat, I am all ready for the Tamworth Country Music Festival (although I don’t look quite as hot as McLeod’s Daughters, but will attempt to fit in). VERY exciting. Can’t say I’ve ever been before, but SHOULD have! Here we are. Read more

Talk of a new album

I must admit I had a li’l chuckle when I received an email today from a chap wanting more details and a direct website to the chest of drawers that I stock, specifically requesting dimensions, types, styles in stock, and whether I took a surcharge for visa and master cards. Unfortunately for him, I need the only chest of drawers that I ‘stock’, and I’m not sure he’ll be happy to hear my other “chests of drawers” are only 143mm x 125mm x 8mm.

Surprisingly (or not), it’s the first request of its kind, since releasing Chest of Drawers in August 2009. It’s led me to conclude that I won’t be calling my next album “Bedside Table”, despite popular demand.

I’ve decided on the title/theme for the next album. But we can’t announce that till we HAVE the album.

First thing’s first. Composition. I have been writing a whole bunch of new songs that I’m itching to share with you. You may be familiar with some new tunes I’ve thrown up on Youtube, or played live. But other I’ve not yet even shared with the band.

Over the December holidays I will be heading back to Sydney –  firstly to reclaim my territory from the dog my parents replaced me with, secondly to perform for my lovely home crowd, and thirdly to lay done demo recordings of 16 new songs for our band to get to know. In early 2011 we’ll be rehearsing them up as a band.

I’ve been checkin’ out some Melbourne studios, and there’s some schmick li’l (and big) set ups out there. The Chest of Drawers album was layered up over time, with some astounding musicians coming in to add the icing after my parts. While I am incredibly proud of the album, and the work of producers James Englund and Steve Iuliano, I’m interested in try out a new method of recording the next album, continuing to push my musical learning curve.

I’m interested to know your thoughts, ideas, or experiences of recording.

Till then, you’ll have to enjoy the new tunes at the live shows!
love Jen.