Day 5: Creating the rosette and headplate

I walked through the gorgeous grounds of Montsalvat for another day in the workshop. I think the pet peacock was trying to mate with a duck. The duck did NOT look impressed. It was a little awkward…

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Day 4: Carving back bracing, kerfed lining, picking soundboard and cutting the neck.

Wow, got a lot done today. Piece by piece it’s coming together. Things I expected to be ages away are happening now. Think I’ll miss the process when it’s all done. But there’s still a way to go.

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Day 3: Carving Back Bracing

On arrival today I was to test if the glue had repaired the inch crack through my cutaway.

Day 2: Creating Guitar Back, Bracing, and Hand-Bending the Cutaway

It’s now been three weeks since I last worked on the guitar, as I’ve been away on tour. And I can’t tell you how much I’ve been itching to get back into the workshop to continue. Read more

Day 1: The Making of Ann-Marie (Acoustic Guitar)

I stepped onto the beautiful historic grounds of Montsalvat and headed through peacocks and huge scary geese (it’s mating season) to the THOMAS LLOYD GUITAR WORKSHOP ( to begin my 10 week acoustic guitar making course. Read more

Melbourne’s Best Busker Competition 2011

Unfortunately this event was washed out and did not run this weekend. The Rotary Club of Melbourne Park are looking to host the event in a few weeks.

Last year, Jenny Biddle took out the title of Melbourne’s Best Busker and helped raise over $3000 for Melbourne’s homeless youth. In 2011, she defends her title as a group of Melbourne’s Buskers showcase their best talent to raise more funds for HomeGround, an organisation that trains youth in hospitality to give them skills for life. The busker that raises the most money for the charity, in their 10 minute performance, wins the title of Melbourne’s Best Busker 2011. Read more

Jenny wins both the Judges Award and the People’s Choice Award at the Ballina Coastal Country Music Festival

This weekend Jenny Biddle took out TWO awards in the busking competition at the Ballina Coastal Country Music Festival. After a weekend of busking on River St outside Just Funkin’ CD shop, with kids dancing at her feet, families and elderly gathering on the street to hear her songs, Jenny went on to win both the People’s Choice Award and the Judges Vote in the 2011 Busking Competition, and perform her all-time favourite Chest of Drawers, alongside country legend Troy Cassar-Daley, Golden Globe Nominee 8-ball Aitken, and local artist Jabiru. Read more

Blog: Building a Guitar

For a long while I’ve had the desire to make an acoustic guitar.

Back in year 12, as part of the HSC Design & Tech major work, I made a portable electric guitar that won a Design Tech Award, 2002. Read more

Video: Jenny

Video by Raditya Fadilla
Music: Your First Light My Eventide – The Echelon Effect