DOWNLOAD TWO FREE singles from Jenny Biddle’s upcoming album Hero in Me: Running Out of Lies, and the title track, Hero in Me.

On 15 March 2013, Jenny released her 3rd album Hero in Me.HeroFrontCoversmall

Running Out of Lies is the FIRST SINGLE from this album, a passionate love song with an uplifting Coldplay vibe.

Hero in Me is the title track, is and uplifting “sugar folk” tune about a li’l tomboy wanting to save all the girls.

You can download both of these singles for FREE from SoundCloud! Click the track name.

Songs written by Jenny Biddle
Produced by Sean Carey
Mastered by Don Bartley

BUY THE FULL PHYSICAL ALBUM from the Online Jenny Biddle Shop

Hero in Me - Jenny Biddle



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