Hero in Me (Album #3) AVAILABLE NOW!

HERO IN ME, Jenny’s THIRD album, funded by fans is AVAILABLE NOW – physical CD and iTunes.

Recorded and produced by Thirsty Merc’s former guitarist, Sean Carey, this album is by far Jenny’s proudest work to date, with a great mix of original tunes, from blues to country, rock, folk and everything in between. Jenny plays guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin and harmonica on the album, and is accompanied by talented musicians including Sean Carey on bass and extra guitars, Jason Walker on pedal steel, Beau Golden on keys, and Michael Quigley on drums who bring this album to life. With beautiful images from Raditya Fadilla, and album artwork by Katrina Leighton, you’ll want to get your hands on a copy of this album.

The physical album, with guitar tunings, lyrics, full credits and list of supporters is available from the Jenny Biddle Online Shop

The album can be downloaded from iTunes



Hero in Me - Jenny Biddle

Track Listing:

1. Hero in Me
2. Across the Nullarbor
3. Pockets
4. Running Out of Lies
5. Chasing Stars
6. Somebody to Love
7. Big Bad World
8. The Finish Line
9. A Place in the Sky
10. Winter Sun
11. Sweet Tooth
12. Hide

Jenny Biddle: vocals, acoustic, electric, and lead guitars, piano, harmonica, banjo, mandolin
Sean Carey: bass, percussion, slide guitar, acoustic and electric guitars
Michael Quigley: drums
Beau Golden: piano, organ, Wurlitzer, keys
Jason Walker: pedal Steel
Backing vocals on Somebody to Love and Chasing Stars done by Mumma Biddle, Travis Gardiner and Stuart Maurice.

All songs composed by Jenny Biddle
Recorded & Mixed by Sean Carey at Trackdown Studios, Camperdown, NSW, Australia
Produced by Sean Carey. Co-produced by Jenny Biddle
Mastering by Don Bartley, Blaxland, NSW, Australia
Album Art by Katrina Leighton
Photography by Raditya Fadilla, Kat Hawke Photography, Jenny Biddle

Release Date:  15.3.2013

Label: Independent
Thank yous from Jenny:

Many thanks to my loving family, friends and beautiful partner for supporting me over the years, and for putting up with my musical ways. You keep me going. Wow! Album #3! Sean Carey, you are a legend! Thanks for your passion, heart and your enriching talent. In return, I hope you’ve learned the art of a good cuppa tea. Travis, for insisting Sean and I make music together. Cricket, my managerial bouncing board. Rad Rad, keep capturing magical moments. Cai, the Hero I need.

A huge thank you to the generous people who helped crowd-fund Album #3. This is for you. You believed in the project, funded it so generously, and allowed me to go into the studio and do what I do most passionately. I couldn’t bring myself to put ‘Roo Poo’ in my best work, but I’ll find another way to make it up to you. Thanks Alan Clement, Andrew Handmer & Elly Brus, Andy & Kezza Taylor, Anthea Palmer, Beastie & Bill Biddle, Belinda Atherton-Northcott, Bev & Matt Coldhurst, Brendan & Kim Hopkins, Cai Balara, Caroline Vogels & Trish Ayers, Chris Rickard, Chris Wynne & Fiona Mitchell, Danielle Madeley, Ed Buller, Eric Allbutt, Geoffrey Rutledge, Grazy, Greg & Bones Mackinnon, Gypsy & Brad Merritt, Jeroen Kay, Jess Branch, Julie Adams, Kieran Collings, Lauren Taylor, Mook & Jude Summons, Mark Missen, Mark Wells, Maurita Walker, Megan Williams, Misty Wohlman, Nico Schlitter, Nicola Nossal, Peter Harbour, Peter Salt, Phil Allen, The Quinlans, Rachel Janes, Ray Smith, Rayme Harvey, Renee Cleveland, Sharae Alvarez, Shaun Hoult, SS BB, Sue Ashe, Sue Poustie, Tweety Bui, Wendy Cutler, and many more beautiful people.

Thanks all for buying my music, coming to gigs, for couches to sleep on, and food in ma belly to keep me doing what I do. I hope this album has a little bit of something for your every mood.

Till Album #4, love and thanks,


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