“Hindsight” the BRAND NEW Jenny Biddle single HITS #9 on the iTunes Charts!

chartsJenny’s brand new single, Hindsight, spiked to #9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts yesterday, amidst the likes of Tracy Chapman, Leonard Cohen, Ed Sheeran and the wonderful new independent artists Mark Wilkinson and Passenger.

Raving reviewer, Lloyd Bradford Syke claims, “One of her finest is Hindsight, the heartbreak of which is encapsulated in the phrase, ‘love is blind, in hindsight’. This is JB, the ingenious tragedian poet.” [Australian Stage].

New single Down With Your Soul, a catchy, moreish acoustic number was recorded the same week as Hindsight, comes in a close second on Jenny’s most popular iTunes sales.

Recorded and Produced by Thirsty Merc’s former guitarist, Sean Carey, these two songs are said to be the best releases by Jenny yet.

Hindsight and Down With Your Soul are only available for digital sale at this stage- iTunes, Cd Baby, and more digital outlets. Grab your copy now.

Front cover photography by the ingenious Raditya Fadilla


Well I don’t quite know what to do
Since the day we broke apart
We made plans to make a family
I thought that it would last
You know how we say you’re the love of my life
You’re the one, my soul mate, the apple of my eye
Maybe God was laughing
Saying boy they sure aren’t right

All this time the poet’s right
Love is blind in hindsight

Now I wonder just how long I would have stayed
Jumping through hoops and changing my name
Hoping to be the best I could be
Is not enough to win the game
Now I’m looking on back through photographs
Letters and songs trigger flashbacks
I cannot be fooled by this push and pull
Gotta get myself on track

Cos all this time the poet’s right
Love is blind in hindsight

Time takes time
Take it in your stride
Oh how we tried
But it just ain’t right

All this time the poet’s right
Love is blind in hindsight