Blog: Busking on Peel St – Tamworth

Wow the Tamworth Country Music Festival is as amazing as the say it is. So much music, things to do, buskers, diversity, rodeo, food, music music music.

My dad had been nagging me to go to this festival for years, but I had been determined to hold onto my teenage attitude that “Country music is soooo not cool” and avoided the festival like the plague. Little did I know, country music has been seeping into my tunes over recent years, and now in my semi-adult-hood I can quite proudly profess how much I love country music.


Kasey Chambers concert. Respect for that lady – she’s got integrity as an artist. Won’t let no music industry tell her how to look, be, sound, what to write.

Random flash line-dancing break out from 50 or more locals in the middle of Coles….

Busking on Peel St. Receiving a slice of watermelon, making friends, security guards, dancers out of strangers!

A bird poohed on my head.


Bitten by a green ant…

Kids stealing money from buskers….

A bird poohed on my head.

I have been staying with a random family 10km out of Tamworth. They have opened their home up to strangers (and a strange one I am), and have been more than accommodating! Such lovely folk indeed!
And I’m running out of CDs! AHH! They love their music out here!

If you are coming to the festival, all week you can find me busking outside Jeans West on Peel St (unless I’m on a chocolate run, or having a nap cos I’m a wimp and am struggling to be on my feet all day – respect for waitresses/retailers/all-day-on-feet-standerers). Come and say hi!

Please VOTE for me in the BUSKING CHAMPIONSHIP. I am busker #127. To vote you can come to me and grab a voting form. Fill ‘em in. You can give them back to me, or deposit them in the Atrium Arcade up the other end of Peel St. Your vote will make all the difference for the People’s Choice Award.

To many more wonderful festival days!

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  1. Karyn says:

    I absolutely love your CD. You are a fantastic live performer and your music is beautiful. You certainly deserve all the awards you have won and I will be back to vote for you this week for the TCM festival. I will also slip the CD into my bag in the hopes that I might be able to get you to sign it, please? If I had just a scratch of you music talent I would be so happy. See you again.

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