Celebrating 10 Years of “Hero in Me”

This year marks 10 YEARS since the release of Jenny’s third, and perhaps most pivotal album “Hero in Me”. Do you have a favourite song on the album? Do you own a signed CD?

Most known for the popular “coming out” song, Hero in Me, this album highlights candid developments in Jenny’s songwriting style. Crowdfunded by fans, recorded in Sydney, and tastefully produced by Sean Carey, Jenny played a handful of instruments on on the album and session musicians added rich layers to her compositions, creating a vivid mix of blues, roots, folk and a hint of country.
To celebrate this big anniversary for the album, each month Jenny will select a track from the album to talk about on her Patreon page. You can read in-depth about the title track, her obstacles to performing her “coming out” song, awkward moments filming the video clip, see rare images, video clips and more by becoming a “songwriter tipper” on Patreon.
Buy the CD for 50% OFF from Jenny’s online shop.
Happy 10 years Hero in Me!
Photos by Kat Hawke