ALBUM #6 “Wild & Free” – successfully funded by loyal fans

We did it!  This April JB fans successfully crowdfunded over $15,000 to produce Jenny’s SIXTH album “Wild & Free”. The new album is set to be released to crowdfunding supporters as earlier as August 2017, and to the public later in 2017. Thanks Team JB! You set these songs wid & free!

The music industry is every changing. Self-managed, independent artists like Jenny are continually trying to find new means of funding their creative careers as the music industry sees an increase in illegal downloads, piracy and micro-payments from big bodies like Spotify.buyall5albums

What’s a musician to do?

They crowdfund!

POWER TO US!  No record labels, just fans funding new music.

Loyal and supportive Jenny Biddle fans have banded together to make history and fund the production costs of Jenny’s next release “Wild & Free”. Fans pre-ordered the album as well as other rewards: old albums, rare albums, house concerts, secret Scottish surprises on a crowdfunding site called Pozible.

“Wild & Free” is Jenny’s 6th Album! It features 12 new recordings to make quite an eclectic album of blues, folk, country, roots a, a random gospel song, and everything in between. The album will be released to Pozible supporters as early as August, and to the public later in 2017.

Watch this space!

Photo by Matt Hawke

Banjoing it up in “Wild & Free” at Sean Carey’s Church Street Studios, Sydney. Photo: Matt Hawke



Pledges have closed now closed for the crowdfunding campaign, but visit check out the video to see a sampler of the album to come:

A huge thanks to the supporters below (plus many anonymous supporters):
Alan Clement, Alan & Jenny Nossal, Alice Pollard, Amy Hamilton & Kirsty, Andrew Handmer, Andrew Rossborough, Anna Squire, Anthea Palmer, Aoife Kearney, Babz Stewart, Becky Wright, Belinda Anne, Belinda Davies, Ben Allford, Brendan Hopkins, Carlie Underhill, Carly Day, Carol Wheeler, Caroline Kruger, Caroline Long, Caroline Love & Sarah, Caryl Martin, Catherine Cunningham, Cathy Dobson, Catriana & John Hamilton, Charlie Brown, Chele & Phil Oswald, Chris Rickard,  Claire Watson, Danni Stark & Alyce, Duncan Taylor, Ed Ad, Eleanor Bennett, Ellie Stubbs, Elly Maria Brus & Tom , Emily Wardeiner, Fergus Maximus, Gail & Rahn Yueh, Garry Chapman, Gina Doyle & Dean Haitani, Glenys McBride & Lena Jackson, Grace Barrett, Greg & Bones Mackinnon, Heide Atkins, Isobel Blackthorn, Jacq and Paola, Jacqui Walker, Jane Lang, Janet & Owen Quinlan, Janine Good, Jenna Bonavita, Jessica Branch & Bec Greensill, Jill Gu, Jo Reader, Joe Quinn, John Grimes, John Small, Julie Crouch, Julie Hamilton & Ian, Julie Hollow, Julie Kavanagh, Julie-Anne & Tim Jolly, June Adams, Karen Coldwell, Katherine Silver, Katie Spence & Bernie, Kelly Andersen, Kelly Breuer, Kevin Wilson, Kirsten Gleichman & Rachel, Kristi & Katie Freese, Kwong Yap, Lance Fishman, Lee C, Leigh Fatchen, Leigh Williams, Leonie Lovell/Guiney, Liza Bloomer, Lois & Harry Brus, Lorraine Marsh, Malcolm Summons, Marcus de Rijk & Claire Patti, Marie Pedroz & Tony, Marilyn Miller, Mark Giles, Mark Walsh, Martin Craig, Mary Webb & Cam, Matt Pankhurst & Bev Coldwell, Maurita Walker, Megan Skinner, Megan Smith & Kev O’neill, Melissa Dunn & Atonya, Michelle Chandler & Tracey, Miranda McCarthy, Monica Davis, Myf White, Natalie Brida, Natalie Fulford, Nic Tate, Nico Schlitter, Nicola Nossal & Jana, Patricia McCormack, Peter & Jane Crone, Peter Indermuhle, Peter Salt, Peter Stokie, Phil Daniell, Phil Ruck, Phil Wise, Phoebe Coates, Raelynne Eccleston & George Harper, Rebecca Cooke, Red MacKay, Robbie Ashhurst, Sally Cunningham, Sally Parker, Sally Thomson, Samuel Horner, Sarah Robins, Shannon Cornish & Brooke, Sharon Lee Jones, Sharon Montgomery, Simon Gronow, Simon Jodrell, Simon Marks, Simone Healy, Stuart Maurice Jnr, Sue Amico, Sue Brown, Susan Galwey, Tracey Roberts, Travis Gardiner, Tullara Connors, Tyne Crow + many anonymous supporters

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