Jenny Nominated for the Australian LGBTI Awards 2018

Jenny has been nominated as a Music Artist for the 2018 Australia LGBTI Awards

99.73% lesbian, the feisty female guitarist, proficient pianist and recovering chocoholic is now based in sunny Scotland. Marrying her wife last year and releasing her 6th album “Wild & Free”, 2018 is a big year ahead for Jenny touring Australia, Canada and parts of Europe, and heading back to the studio to add a verse to her coming out song “Hero in Me” to celebrate same-sex marriage finally being legislated in Australia.

But the road to success hasn’t come without challenges for the 33-year-old songsmith. Throughout adolescence, Jenny battled with depression, self-harm and an eating disorder as a result of her own internalised homophobia. Navigating identity she began expressing her lesbian longing through ambiguous song lyrics & music, soon releasing her critically acclaimed (yet still very-in-the-closet) debut album Chest of Drawers in 2009.

In the slow, conflicting process of coming out, it wasn’t until her second album Jenny began to leak traces of her own sexual identity. In her raw, heart-tugging song, Don’t Mind, she confesses “I must admit I was afraid to step outside your door today / Forgive me my love if my hand suddenly slips away / Cos there’s all of these people with predator eyes / But I don’t know why they mind / And I don’t know why I mind that they mind”.

The LGBTQI advocate has since won over hearts within the community and beyond, with her quick wit, candid stage banter, notable guitar chops and humbled storytelling. In a superman suit, with lumps in all the wrong places, Jenny turned her secret struggles into a comically sweet LGBTQI-flavoured music video for the title track of her third album “Hero in Me”. Directed by Home & Away’s Rebecca Greensill, Jenny sings herself out of the closet; “There’s a hero deep inside of me / Be my lady and your hero I’ll be”.

Transforming her story into an inspiration she has performed over 200 gigs a year this last decade, on stages throughout Australia, Ireland, and the UK. More significantly she has worked closely with high schools across NSW, Tasmania and Victoria, sharing her story from closet to the stage, supporting LGBTQI youth and individuals in an effort to create awareness, a sense of community, and normalise sexuality and gender differences in society.

Last August, in a small ceremony in the woods in Scotland, Jenny and her wife celebrated with loved ones as they signed papers saying “Bride & Bride”. Their marriage is now recognised in Australia, and Jenny continues to share her story, songs and endearing personality throughout with audiences and high schools, winning hearts over one at a time.

She has been nominated for the Australian LGBTI Awards 2018 as a Music Artist, alongside Beccy Cole, the Veronicas and Monique Brumby. The ceremony takes place this March 2 2018 at the Star Event Centre, Sydney.

This March-April Jenny tours East Coast Oz, releasing her latest album “Wild & Free” crowdfunded by loyal fans. Catch her live in concert while you can.