Jenny’s 7th Album “Live in Scotland” OUT NOW

In September 2018 fans gathered at St Boswells Live in the Scottish Borders to be part of a very special live album recording. Jenny’s performance has been pressed into CD, creating her 7th album “Live in Scotland”.

You can buy your copy now and enjoy Jenny’s 7th album; live and lovable as she is – one woman with her guitar, piano, harmonica and voice. Enjoy some secrets behind the songs, her intricate guitar playing, witty banter and a singalong song with her loyal and captivated audience.

Bonus Features: CD comes with alternative guitar tuning cheats for guitar songs.

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  1. Loaded Gun [Live]
  2. Gifts & Words Intro [Live]
  3. Gifts & Words [Live]
  4. Stories We Tell Intro [Live]
  5. Stories We Tell [Live]
  6. Pedestal [Live]
  7. Long Winter’s Day [Live]
  8. Flare in the Night [Live]
  9. Pretty Face [Live]
  10. Mildew Blues Intro [Live]
  11. Mildew Blues [Live]
  12. Wild & Free [Live]
  13. Mountains/Molehills [Live]
  14. Hero in Me (Hero in You Sequel) [Live]



All songs written & performed by Jenny Biddle
Recorded live by Keith Farnish at St Boswells Live, Scottish Borders, September 2018
Mixed by David Miller
Mastered by Sean Carey
Album Art by Jenny Biddle
Photography by Raditya Fadilla & Gavin Liddle

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