Recording Diary: Newmarket Studios

I popped into the recording studio yesterday, and was incredibly inspired. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the studio (almost 2 years since the recording of Chest of Drawers), and I didn’t realise how much I missed it.

I’ve been writing new material, and trying to sort out bits and pieces for the new album. I’m yet to select the final studio for the new album. More research needed. But it’s good to be in a studio again! To see all the buttons, to hear samples through the amazing speakers, to make clicking noises in the recording rooms to test their atmosphere… oh and to play their grand piano, YES. Heaven. I was in heaven.

As part of the prize for the Korumburra Buskers Championship, I won 10 hours recording time at Newmarket Studios. Very handy winning this recording time, but 10 hours isn’t nearly enough time to get a full band to record an album (certainly not with my perfectionist syndrome), and I don’t want to rush the next album. Instead, I will use those 10 hours to bust out a SOLO EP. Just me. No other instruments, just little Jen and the guitar/piano. I’m hoping to catch something very intimate.

It’s very exciting talking over the possibilities. I have a select 5 that I would love to share with you. These will be re-done for the full album with the band. But I would just like to do a few raw ones for you.

Although yesterday was just meeting and discussing different approaches, my next step is to lay down some rough recordings at home, solidify my ideas, shoot it off to the engineer, then get it happening in their studios!

I’m so very excited and inspired to be in the studio again!

Will keep you updated!