Recording Diary: Day 10 – LAST DAY



Today was kind of a bonus day. Sean’s STOKED that we’ve done 12 songs in 10 days, a record for his producing experience. I didn’t believe it was possible. We made such good time, that today was a bonus day, where we could experiment with some sounds, add some bits and pieces, check through if anything needs fixing. We ended up adding a whole lot of tasty smarties to the cake.

I kicked off with some piano in Winter Sun. Nasty key to play piano in. My goodness. F#. I had last night to get something happening on the piano. Thankfully it’s just “glue” as Sean likes to call it, so simplicity is VITAL. The piano is used to bridge the gap between the extra low bass (which gets down to a floppy C in this song) and the sparkling guitar parts. Sean likes to say “It makes the track sound more expensive”. Hehhe. The real piano certainly hits a sweet spot in my soul, and a darling to play.


I did some backing vocals, then some tele on a couple of tracks just to add some texture and weight to the song. Most of the time you can’t hear it in the mix, its job is just to be there, shadowing the main acoustic guitar tracks, beefing it up a bit.


Piccolo, the Mando:

I got out the mando today. It was lucky enough to feature on Freezing Time on my first album 3 years ago, and I haven’t pulled the thing out since…. Oops. I dunno how the mando players do it. It’s remarkably small, yet it requires so much pressure on the strings to get a clear note. Ow! My hands!! But its sweet little chink-a-link melodies were calling me on a song called Hero in Me. And I had to obey. My little fingers, hands and arms had enough of the mando after one song. Little Piccolo, the Mando, will probably stay in the case till album #4.


Sean busts out the electric:

Sean whipped out the electric guitars today. He’s so diverse in his guitar playing. From slide, to simple beautiful befitting chords, to ebow, coldplay solos, to rock solos. It’s nice to see where someone else can take my songs. Ideas I’ve just never thought of. He played a little bit of tele, some eery Ebow on The Finish Line, some simple acoustic (I retired) and electric on Running out of Lies, and an agro solo on Sweet Tooth which playfully argues with my guitar riff. My new li’l love song Running out of Lies was epic in my head when I wrote it, but I could never pull it off with just guitar and voice. So it’s amazing how beautifully layered the song has turned out. It’s nuts! Coldplay/U2 styles… It uplifts my soul. Sean enriches my songs, adds a counter melody, just takes ‘em too that next level. Somehow he seems to tell his part of the story through his fingers…. On songs he’s never known before.

An epic day!

An epic journey!


Sean sent me home with a rough first mix of my new album. I whacked it in the car and tears came to my eyes. It’s amazing to bring my greatest creation to the world, with the huge help of Sean Carey, some amazing musicians, and the support of many friends and fans. So many people have been backing this album, watching it grow, being part of it, funding the project, and I’ve just been able to get in the studio and watch it unfold into something more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.


I am ITCHING to share it with the world. But I won’t let it leak out just yet. There’s still final mixing to go, mastering, and more of the journey from there.


Where to from here?


Deciding on a title for the album. I’m thinking “Hero In Me” as I’m set on this being the opening track.  From there, perhaps I’ll get onto the graphics. Somehow I need to decide on an order of songs – before taking it to mastering. There’s a lot to it than one would initially think. I’ve got such variety on the album, and don’t want the listening experience to be harshly jiggered for that audience. I’m gonna sit on it for a few days.


Thanks for keeping up with the journey. I can’t WAIT to share the new sounds with you.