Recording Diary: Day 8 – Bob the Banjo and some merry singers

Bob the Banjo:

Today Bob the Banjo joined in on recording sessions. I’ve only been playin’ the thing since about June this year, but got some “boiling” parts (as Sean likes to call it) for a couple of tracks. I love mucking around with alternate tuning on the guitar, so it was fun pickin’ up the banjo with its whacky 5th string. It’s amazing how GROUNDING a banjo can make a song. It just sounds so… I dunno what word to use… grounded. Its’ like… bringing it home, down to the roots, get on those country boots. The country vibe came out today!



I got the rest of the main vocals down today. Every song is different in the singing approach. I appreciate every little piece of advice and guidance Sean gives me in the approach to singing the songs. In the times when I’ve disagreed with him (which are very rare), I’ve listened back to the mix and come to realise what might work in a live setting (like slowing down, over pronunciation, short and sharp notes) doesn’t always work in a recording. It can in fact be distracting from the vibe of the song.  So I smoothened some accents out and eased off on my super diction. When I felt goosebumps as I sang Hero in Me, I knew I was delivering. It’s amazing to hear it back in the mix. I’ve never loved the sound of my voice, but the songs are sounding terrific!


Extra Guitars:

Sean got on the tele again today. Just to add some glassy colour to the mix. My goodness, he’s amazing on the guitar. It’s not about shredding. It could be as simple as playing an Am7 chord…. It’s about how and where he plays it that just brings the tune to a whole other level. While I may have been able to play the part, it’s so much more enriching to give your song over to someone else to see what creativity they can add to the mix. It paid off. I love the sound he brings.


Random Fun Lovin’ Choir:

Mumma Biddle, Travis Gardiner and Stuart Maurice came in to the studio today. The four of us sang some fun lovin’ backing vocals on a couple of tracks. I wanted to get a “party vibe” ending to the songs. Loose, fun, lovin’, happy, and free. Imperfect in a way, not structured. So we got in there, I wrote up a couple of lyrics, and spent an hour clappin’ and carrying on. My mother added her two cents, changing the lyrics from “wishing my life away” to “wishing my wife away” and sent the room squarkin’. What a hoot. It musta been weird for them, coming in as a bunch of strangers, not knowing what we’d be doing. So I appreciate their blind faith and effort! We captured exactly the vibe I was after! Many thanks guys! You are ON the album 😀


Only two days left in the studio. Tomorrow is keys, organs, pedal steel, and Friday is… the final day to add some keys, mando, bvs, and any other bits and bobs.