Blog: Tamworth Country Music Festival

With my boots, flanny, cow-girl hat, I am all ready for the Tamworth Country Music Festival (although I don’t look quite as hot as McLeod’s Daughters, but will attempt to fit in). VERY exciting. Can’t say I’ve ever been before, but SHOULD have! Here we are.

I feel like a bit of a nomad. From Melbourne, to woop woop, through the locust plague, Sydney, now Tamworth… driving for hours, playing the harmonica braced by the dental contraption (hands free), listening to a bit of Waifage, and Kasey Chambers (hoping she’ll join me for a coffee in Tamworth this week…. but I’m thinking she might have a few coffee dates).

I made friends with a camel.

I’m staying with a random family in Tamworth, who are quite hospitable indeed. Contrary to popular concern, I shouldn’t need to guard my kidneys in fear of having them sold on the black market, or on ebay… And I don’t think they need to worry about their kidneys either. But time will tell.

I am entering the busking competition, and you shall find me playing yeehah-hoedown-country versions of my songs, with moderate boot-scooting attempts along Peel St. If you’re in the hood, come and say hi, and have a terrific festival! TOTALLY PUMPED! MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!