Thank you: the special people part of Album #3

There are so many special people I need to thank for helping fund Album #3. Over $12,000 was raised by some very generous and supportive fans. Every little and big bit has helped thanks to you. Recording for Album #3 begins Oct 22!

From July 3 to October 3 2012, I sold goodies and accepted pledges on to raise at least $10,000 to make Album #3. Fans raised a whopping $12,000!


Alan Clement
Andrew Handmer
Andy & Kezza Taylor
Anthea Palmer                                                  THE CHANDELIER ROOM (Moorabbin)
Beastie Biddle
Bec George
Belinda Atherton-Northcott
Beverley Coldwell
Bones & Greg Mackinnon
Brendan & Kim Hopkins
Brooke Evans
Cai Balara
Carly Day
Caroline Vogels
Chris Rickard
Chris Wynne                                                      THOMAS LLOYD GUITARS
Danielle Madeley
Deborah Herbert                                              RUDE BOOKINGS
Ed Buller
Elly Maria Brus
Emerald Leyden
Eric Allbutt
Geoffrey Rutledge
George Harper
Graham Brennan
Gypsy Merritt                                                     OSCARS ALEHOUSE (Belgrave)
Heather Pue
Isabella Rolls
Janet Quinlan
Jeroen Kay
Jessica Branch
Julie Adams
Kate McMahon                                                   ELEPHANT EYES
Kerryn Fields                                                      KERRYN FIELDS MUSIC
Kieran Collings
Lauren Taylor                                                     LAUREN TAYLOR MUSIC
Lynne Alderton
Mark Walsh
Mark Wells
Maurita Walker
Megan Williams
Michael Schilling
Minette Thompson
Misty Wohlman
Nico Schlitter
Nicola Nossal
Peter Harbour
Peter Salt
Phil Allen
Phoebe Coates
Rachel Janes
Raditya Fadilla                                                   RADITYA FADILLA PHOTOGRAPHY
Ray Smith                                                             THE BASIN MUSIC FESTIVAL
Rayme Harvey
Renee Cleveland
Rhonda Fraser
Rochelle Leivenzon
Shannon Wolff
Sharae Alvarez
Shaun Hoult                                                       HEALTHPOINT OSTEOPATHY (Northcote)
Sophie Klein                                                       LITTLE WISE MUSIC
Sophie Robson
Steve Baker
Sue Ashe
Sue Poustie
Tegan Tracy Freeland
Todd Mayhew                                                   THE APRIL MAZE BAND
Tweety Bui
Wendy Cutler
William Biddle

There are many other special people deserving a big thank you, not just for your funds for this project, but for your time, continual support, for listening to my tunes, for inspiring, for new ideas, encouragement, belief, longevity, accommodation, opportunities and more…. Thank you.

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