“EVERY RELEASE” USBs available now!

Introducing USBs, the flashy new way to enjoy music from independent artists like Jenny. These USBs contain EVERY RELEASE from Jenny Biddle. The business-card-like USBs connect to your computer. Transfer the 74 tracks, plus lyrics and Hero in Me video clip.

usbswhiterSome people LOVE CDs. They love the feel of them, the look of them, the credits and extra notes inside. Other people are moving into the world of technology. For those who use mp3 players, downloads, streaming to listen to music, and want to save space on CDs, this USB package is for you. The “Every Release USB” is just that – it contains every release by Jenny Biddle.


  • 2009 Chest of Drawers – debut studio album
  • 2012 Little Treasures – acoustic album
  • 2013 Hero in Me – studio album
  • 2013 Hindsight single – iTunes chart topping single
  • 2014 Cover to Cover – album of cover versions
  • 2015 Live at Selby Folk Club – disc 1 upbeat
  • 2015 Live at Selby Folk Club – disc 2 downbeat
  • Hero in Me Official Music Video
  • Lyrics for all songs

AVAILABLE NOW for only $50 for 74 tracks. That’s $0.68 per track, cheaper than iTunes.


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