Howdy lovers!

Planning your Big Beautiful Day?

Music is a gorgeous part of any celebration, and is especially beautifully sentimental and uplifting for your wedding day.

I’d be honoured to provide the live entertainment on your special day. From music for walking down the aisle, to signing the registry and/or playing for up to 4 hours at the reception.

I have around 8 hours of cover material to chose from (and as always I won’t deny the request to play one of my ditties).
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Set times are 45 min with 20 min breaks (up to 4 sets), but this can be flexible to work in with your speeches, cake cutting, and other ceremonies.

Price includes PA, and depends on the number of sets, distance from Melbourne, and the learning of a particular song/s for the ceremony.
To obtain a quote, email me at [email protected]

Have fun planning your special day!

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