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Somebody to Love

Everyone around me has got somebody to love Everyone around me has got somebody to love But I’m still fighting , oh I’m fighting on my own Will I find myself a lover or spend my days alone? Neighbours up above, they have themselves a time The neighbours up above, oh they have themselves a […]


Look at you, look at me, baby ever so cosy Tucked up inside this pocket, side by side I can’t breathe here, you can’t see We can’t move cos it’s a nice tight squeeze We know we’ll be safe, we’ll be warm if ever we might please We know we’ll be safe, we’ll be warm […]

Running out of Lies

You took me away, you swept me away You brought me to the top on the 18th floor We were looking out, looking down I was looking below on a world I’ve never seen before I was holding your hand in my mind I was savouring the moment in the flickering light We were teasing […]

Sweet Tooth

I’m a sweet tooth at heart With a hunger for your skin If I use my eyes like knives It won’t take much for you to let me in Sweet tooth of mine On this eve what will we find? But in the morning light I’m colour blind And it leaves a lot to be […]


I miss your friendship I always find a good thing and I push it I missed the ending I run away before I get a chance to break it I missed the lesson So quick to point the blame like I just don’t get it Now I burned all of my bridges I find myself […]


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