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The Finish Line

They raise you from your cradle They point you to the light They say listen and learn, hold all you can fit inside Cos you’re up against Mother Nature And all of human kind The sooner you make the jump You can race to the finish line No don’t waste your time You better start […]

Freezing Time

20 years have past, the two of us, we’re hangin’ out like mates Standing on the ocean’s edge, casting out our lines of hopeful bait In this wet and wild, watching all the world go by, I don’t think they’ll bite tonight, but you’re making bets and say they might And I still try If […]


I box you up like you’re disease I spend these days walking free You’re mother-in-law’s dropped your box off up at home And she wants you to go So easily And wants you to show Something I do so So frequently I’m beating pounds, I’m hit for 6 Waiting up all night to process this […]

Hero in Me

When I was 4 years old, I ran around the yard In a red cape, a blue suit, I was Superman at heart Saving all the dolls from the evil world They were my Lois, they were my pretty girls There’s a hero deep inside of me At 8 years of age, cops and robbers […]


All this water falling softly from the sky All this city’s people, going to tuck themselves inside Warm your hands, warm your hearts, entwine I think I’ll take the time to talk with my mind I think I might just hide All this glory bursting from this city’s seams All this colour and opportunity right […]


Well I don’t quite know what to do Since the day we broke apart We made plans to make a family I thought that it would last You know how we say you’re the love of my life You’re the one, my soul mate, the apple of my eye Maybe God was laughing Saying boy […]


You and I, we broke up last night There’s nothing left to feel I’m kicking old habits Like something of strength is in me Do you think I could learn Do you think I could burn all my past But learn You and I we have yet to meet And I still feel the sting […]

Not Into You

You’re alive, gotta pull yourself together But you never thought You’d fall apart, not a chance in heaven There’ll be tears, I’m sure Cos she wants to talk Sunshine, I know you’ve got plans She can’t see them through Sweetheart, in all your romance She’s looking for a new tune She’s not into you Bread-and-butter […]


I’m alive, gotta figure out something else to do with my time Pressure’s on, word is out, I’m reminded of all things that are not mine They say “Hey Kiddo, You’re gonna rack up some great frown lines” All I say is “There’s a little bit on my mind” I can’t see you embracing new […]

Our Darkest Day

Tribute to the February 2009 Black Saturday Victorian Bushfires Saturday this place it saw The greatest heat wave on record Melbourne hit 46 degrees The dragon’s breath roared angrily The sky it changed to an orange grey When people say a match was lit to trees The blaze arrived much too soon For folk to […]