Have you seen Jenny’s acoustic blues & roots rendition of Billie Jean?


Nestled in the Scottish Borders, in the beautiful, historic Traquair House, Jenny Biddle busts out her acoustic-blues version of Michael Jackson’s classic, Billie Jean.

Alternate tuning CGCGCD, capo 5

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Recorded by Perception Media Collective, Traquair House, Innerleithen, Scotland. 


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Jenny’s 8th Album “Hoping for a Hero” AVAILABLE NOW!

It’s here! Ready for your ears! Introducing Jenny Biddle’s 8th independent album “Hoping for a Hero”! Explore thirteen exquisitely crafted compositions, as Jenny candidly surveys the ups and downs of life using her diverse palette of blues, folk, alt-country, rock and roots flavours.

Several years in the making, and playing a dozen instruments on this album herself, you’ll hear her memorable acoustic guitar style that marries melody, bass and percussion amidst her dependable guitar hooks. Joined by talented session musicians for a lush, full band vibe, enjoy raunchier roots, gentle folk tunes, poignant piano ballads, blues grooves, sweet country flavours, and in “Mountains & Molehills” she immerses us for the first time with the meandering sounds of a Weissenborn slide guitar, hand made by her father. With a lush sonic experience, producer Sean Carey adds the icing to the cake with his atmospheric, electric guitar melodies that tie in beautifully with Jenny’s reflective lyrical sentiment.

From the depths of lockdown, Jenny describes the album concept: “I was struck by the undertone of a longing for some kind of hero throughout these songs. In the past I’ve channelled my quest for happiness in futile directions, whether it be dreams, fame and fortune, romance, approval, or a binge-eating sesh at midnight, and you can very much sense the theme of chasing happiness or some kind of saviour throughout this album. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that our priorities need a good shake up, and in fact some things we chase and value aren’t nearly as essential as we think.” But who’s the hero in the story? That’s for you to determine…

Jenny boldly confronts her battles with depression in “Long Winter’s Day”, and talks about befriending her anxiety in “Worrying Mind”, and uplifts the listener in her heart-warming alt-country finale, “Five Foot Tall”. Added to this collection of new songs, she’s also included a new orchestral version of “Village by the Sea”, and the sequel to her popular coming-out song, “Hero in Me” with its added verse celebrating marriage equality in Australia.

With beautiful cover art by Ruth Thorp, lyrics booklet and guitar tunings included with the CD, you can buy your very own copy now, or listen on your favourite streaming platform.

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  1. Too Much Too Ask
  2. Mountains & Molehills
  3. Worrying Mind
  4. Too Little Too Late
  5. Kintsugi
  6. Stories We Tell
  7. One and the Same
  8. Believe in Yourself
  9. Loaded Gun
  10. Long Winter’s Day
  11. Hero in Me (Hero in You Sequel)
  12. Village by the Sea
  13. Five Foot Tall



Produced, recorded and mixed by Sean Carey at Church Street Studios, Sydney, NSW, Australia in 2019 and 2020
Mastered by Kathy Naunton – dB Mastering
Cover art by Ruth Thorp

Jenny Biddle: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, Weissenborn slide guitar, piano, synth keys, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, percussion
Sean Carey: bass guitar, electric guitars, backing vocals, percussion
Matt Druery: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Damien de Boos-Smith: cello


POSTAGE & SHIPPING: Local postage is available in both UK & Australia. International shipping to the rest of the world. Free postage for orders over AUD$90! Please note, due to COVID-19 deliveries may be delayed.

“Five Foot Tall” Stop Motion Video Out Now!

The Sequel is Here!

The SEQUEL to Jenny’s popular track “Hero in Me” has just been release online!

In 2017 Australia held a plebiscite, asking the nation to decide whether same-sex marriage should be legalised in Australia. The vote saw 62% of people saying YES to marriage equality, and as of January 2018 the first same-sex marriages were celebrated.

Since her own marriage is now legally recognised in her home country, Jenny added a new verse to her crowd favourite coming out song “Hero in Me”. She has re-recorded a tasty, acousticy version of the song with her new added verse!

You can listen right here, on Spotify!

For now the track won’t be pressed to CD, but it’s currently available for your streaming pleasure on Spotify and mp3 download Cd Baby. It will soon be available on YouTube, iTunes, Apple music and more.

Which is your favourite version?

Original (2013): Hero in Me

New Sequel (2019): Hero in Me (Hero in You Remix)



In Celebration of Same-Sex Marriage being legalised in Australia, Jenny has added a new verse to her coming out song!

Listen to the studio remix on Spotify: Hero in Me (Hero in You Remix)


Hero in Me Official Music Video

Video: Loaded Gun

Jenny speaks up about Gay Marriage and the Australian Plebiscite

When I was 16 I thought I was the only gay girl on the planet (and that Ellen DeGeneres was a fictional character). I used to pray to God that if he wouldn’t make me straight, he’d at least grant gay-marriage and hook me up with Helen Hunt (remember Twister?). Needless to say, God did none of these. I became suicidal, depressed, anxious, riddled with an eating disorder, acts of self-harm and lied about being straight. The shame I carried infiltrated every single day.

Things have changed, even across my small lifetime. Gay marriage has been legalised across 23 countries. I am grateful for our elders who have courageously paved the way for younger LGBTQI generations. Slowly but surely I’ve watched hearts and minds change as I’ve learned to be courageous, follow my true north and love who I love.

On the 3rd of August, I married my beautiful wife in Scotland. We had the BEST day. I’m proud to be her team. Pre-wedding I was haunted by the occasional reminder of my own internalised homophobia that formed from a lifespan of homophobic-flavoured government, religion and the media. At our ceremony last week, all of that shame, mumbo jumbo and history seemed to fall away in those moments where Gwendolyn & I looked into each other eyes, surrounded by loved ones, smiles, confetti, music, laughter and love, and made a commitment to each other, signing Scottish marriage papers saying “Bride” and “Bride”.

Living in Ireland and Scotland, I’ve felt this ease wash over my soul because gay marriage is legal. There’s a sense the government has your back and so do most of the people, that you’re an equal, that your love is as meaningful and as potent as the next person, that you won’t be denied access, rights, or looked upon as a second class citizen. What I’ve witnessed is that it’s actually a non-event. The laws changed, people marry; people get on with their lives. There was no apocalypse when Gwen & I married.

Unfortunately our marriage, along with many others, is not recognised in Australia.

Embarrassingly, Australia is the ONLY “developed” English-speaking country yet to legalise same-sex marraige.

It’s 2017…

Actually it’s beyond awkward.

The issue has come to a peak in Oz this month as society puts pressure on an out-dated government to legalize same-sex marriage. The government prepares to launch a $120+ million Plebiscite for a vote that will be non-binding. Like any other person, the LGBT Community have worked, paid taxes, contributed and enriched society and yet the government withholds their right to marry. I shudder to think of the ongoing damage it does to the mental health of young LGBTQI people, and the children of same sex couples to grow up with a government that plants seeds of shame & inequality and fertilizes their soil with disturbingly tactless messages that come up during these debates.

In 2004, with the flick of a switch, PM John Howard changed the Marriage Act to deliberately exclude gay people, defining marriage as a “union of a man and a woman to exclusion of all others”. He didn’t need a plebiscite. He just changed it.
As Magda Szubanski says – cancel the Plebecite and give money to the aged care. There are far more pressing issues that should be filling the government’s agenda. Flick the switch, make gay marriage happen, and people will get on with their lives.
It’s a non-issue.

I regret buying into the shame throughout my life… but I suppose during many of those times it was a survival/self-preservation thing, and you’re pulled into a culture of its own epic momentum. Now the culture has a new momentum. The people are ready for gay marriage. They’ve been ready for a long time. And still we put up a long fight towards fairness. I am warmed to see my Facebook newsfeed flooded with people (gay, straight and anywhere across the spectrum) changing their profile pics/banners in support of marriage equality in Australia, doing their part, standing up for gay rights.

My wedding was healing. Deeply healing.

I hope the Australian government soon lifts that wave of shame off the hearts of so many people, and allows same-sex couples to marry.

I urge you do your bit and vote.

Check your enrolment: https://check.aec.gov.au/

How to have your say in the next same-sex marriage vote: http://www.abc.net.au/…/hack/how-to-have-your-say-o…/8790718

Here’s my first “coming out” song I wrote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka9YZTqyk00

And as Michael Moore put it, “If you don’t support gay marriage, don’t get gay married”.

#samesexmarriage #LGBTQI #Australialegalisesamsexmarriage #gaymarriage #australiangovernment #loveislove