Day 3: Carving Back Bracing

On arrival today I was to test if the glue had repaired the inch crack through my cutaway.

Workshop master Chris, had hoped we might be able to salvage my broken sides, but despite after heating and wetting the wood, the slightest pressure on the wood re-cracked the cutaway. At strong as this glue is… some breaks just aren’t fixable.

I will now have to start the sides of my guitar again. But must wait a week, or 2, or 3, for the new pieces of sassafras to arrive. Fortunately there is much that can be done on the rest of the guitar in the mean time.
Carving the back bracing:
I spent today carving the back bracing on the inside of the guitar. From Chris’s measurements I ruled up where I wanted to carve off, and used a hand plane to carve the bulk of the material.
I then had to line the area with masking tape to protect it during sanding. I rounded off the edges with the hand plane, and sanded their edges off.
SO MUCH SANDING! I’m practising being ambidextrous so I don’t just become buff in my right arm…..
A short day today.
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