The making of Ann-Marie acoustic guitar

The Brutal Act of Installing the Pickup/Preamp: Guitar Making Blog

It’s been 4 months since I “finished” making Ann-Marie.

But there have been a few things missing.
1)      the pickup & preamp
2)      the strap pin
3)      a scratch plate

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The Making of Ann-Marie Acoustic Guitar Complete

Wow, I’ve finished making Ann-Marie, my first acoustic guitar.

I made this guitar over a period of 30 days (2011-2012) at Thomas Lloyd Guitars in Montsalvat (Eltham – VIC) under the guidance and instruction of wonderful luthier Chris Wynne.

Bunya Pine: soundboard
Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras: back, sides, head plate, rosette
Gidgee: fretboard, pinless bridge, bindings
Queensland Maple: neck, head, bracing

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Video: Sound Sample of Ann Marie – Self Made Acoustic Guitar (Lighthouse by the Waifs)

Wow, the making of Ann Marie is complete. I thought I’d whack up a quick video to let you know what she sounds like. In this video I’ve done a version of Lighthouse by the Waifs.

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Day 25: Sanding, Ironing, Sanding


Sanding, sanding, and more sanding

The other kids in class warned me about the “all day sanding” day. Today was that day. My guitar is a point now, where I need to sand out all the markings, blemishes, lumps and bumps, and prepare the guitar to be oiled.

So I spent most of the day sanding. Sanding and sanding.

Much of the time I used 120 grit sandpaper to strip the lumps away without changing the shape of the guitar, or wearing through the sides of the guitar. I went over the entire body.

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Day 24: Bridge Engineering

Bridge engineering:

Takamine Bridge

Takamine bridge design

I brought my Takamine guitar along today to attempt to create a similar bridge design. My purpose to have a bridge like the Takamine, rather than the standard Maton style bridge that holds the strings in with removable pins, is because I don’t want to fiddle around with pins while changing strings at gigs. I’d like restringing to be as quick as possible, and I find it quicker on the Takamine than on the Maton. Last session I had to put my bridge creation on hold, as Chris wanted more than a photo to go by, as he’s not done a bridge design like this before. Read more

Day 23: Designing the bridge

It was hard to feel like I got much done today, as the changes are quite minimal in the photographs, but it’s all part of it.

Takamine Bridge

Pinless Takamine bridge design

Designing a bridge:

You may have seen previous photos where I’ve had a bridge positioned on my guitar, but I haven’t actually created the bridge yet. In those photos, the bridge was a temporary bridge, used to align the neck when attaching it to the body. Read more

Day 22: Fretting!

Frettin’ the fretboard today. Don’t rush, don’t fret! Today’s all about patience, getting it right. The more accurate at this point, the easier the set up will be when it comes time to string the guitar. Read more

Day 21: Shaping the neck

Before refining the neck shape today

27/3/2012 10am-5:30pm.

Shaping the neck, heel block and headstock:

Lots of carving, filing and sanding today. This has been one of the most magical parts of the guitar-making journey. To carve a neck, heel block and headstock out of a chunk of wood feels amazing. Read more

Day 18: Hours and hours of sanding….


Baldie with a blow drier?

 DAY 18 – 19/3/2012 10am-4:30pm.


Oh the irony. My first session back since shaving my noggin’ for the World’s Greatest Shave, and the first tool Chris hands me to get on with my guitar is a hair dryer……. Read more

Day 17: Gluing bindings to the guitar body

Ready to route the guitar

Ready to route the guitar

DAY 17 – 15/3/2012 1pm-5:30pm.

Super productive day today. Bang, bang, bang. I routed a space for the bindings, hand bent the bindings, and glued them to the body! Read more