The Making of Ann-Marie Acoustic Guitar Complete

Wow, I’ve finished making Ann-Marie, my first acoustic guitar.

I made this guitar over a period of 30 days (2011-2012) at Thomas Lloyd Guitars in Montsalvat (Eltham – VIC) under the guidance and instruction of wonderful luthier Chris Wynne.

Bunya Pine: soundboard
Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras: back, sides, head plate, rosette
Gidgee: fretboard, pinless bridge, bindings
Queensland Maple: neck, head, bracing

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  1. Kevin says:

    That is one seriously good looking guitar Jen. The sound will onpen up more in the nest few weeks and continue to change a little over the years. I’ve really enjoyed watching the build progress and look forward to seeing and hearing Ann-Marie, and you, at a gig soon.
    Thanks for sharing the build process and the joy of the birth of a new tool.
    I hope you two have many years of fun together. lol
    Just out of interest, what pick up are you planing to install? I’m going for a LRBaggs Anthem in my 0000 and an LR Baggs iMix duel source for the smaller 000.
    All the best

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